Time Management Tactics


Realize time management is a myth. Many want to squeeze too much into
one day. Coming to the realization that there are only 24 hours in a day and
that one can only fit so much into those hours, releases one from the worries
and anxieties of things that are yet to be done.


Time Management Tactics

Find out where you’re wasting time. Conduct a complete time examination. Walk through your day in 15 minute intervals, writing down what you are doing and for how long

Create time management goals. Having clear goals will guide you through the process of getting control of your time. The best way to start is with pen and paper in hand and write out what you want more time to do.

Use time management tools. There are thousands of time management tools available today. The best is a daily or weekly planner. Other options are online calendar’s such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

Time Management Tactics


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