Ten Second Stress Tactic


It doesn’t matter where you find yourself on your journey in life, whether it’s your
career or your personal endeavors – you know that the feeling of being overwhelmed
is a natural by-product of success.


Ten Second Stress Tactic

Achieving your goals doesn’t come easy, as cliché as that may be to say.
Whether you’re employed, you’re in a transitioning phase for your own business,
you’re just starting out with your entrepreneurial journey, or you deal with any other
kind of work, you deal with stress every single day. Sometimes even every minute.

Sure, being stressed, as in good stress is fine. Such as when it comes to getting
things done and seeing positive results at the beginning of getting a new job or
launching a new business. Stress can often times drive
you to work longer hours, and push yourself to get
things done.
However, after a while of working the long hours and
giving it 210% of your efforts, replying to countless
emails, clients, and phone calls that fly your way – it all
starts to boil down and get to you.

Suddenly, you come to the realization that the passion you once had for your daily
life is dwindling, and you start to question why you even began in the first place.
You’ve lost your work and life balance. Maybe the stress has you waking up
frequently throughout the night, or giving you headaches during the day.
Eventually this kind of fatigue and pain drains you of all of your energy that you rely
on for your business, job, and of course, your personal life in general. Even crazier is
that you really can’t go a day in life without encountering somebody else complain
about being stressed or these kinds of symptoms. Especially with everybody being
so connected on social networks.

Ten Second Stress Tactic


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