Practical Stress Busting


If you take a look around at the world, you’ll see that stress, tension, and anxiety
impact just about every single one of us. Regardless of who admits to it or not.


Practical Stress Busting

Let me ask you a few questions…
Have you been late to work recently? Did your boss come in and give you
crap because he’s in a bad mood and you’re an easy target? Did you get
loads of work dumped on you by others, causing you more stress?
Have you parked your car somewhere only to find some jerk hit your car with
a shopping cart, or some inconsiderate person decided to “key” your car for
no reason?
Have you had to deal with rude customers or people in life, and they’ve made
you feel lousy about yourself through the process?
Have you been bothered by bill collectors or other debts that are nagging at
you day in and day out?
Are you feeling overwhelmed all around in many different aspects of your life?

If you answered yes to any of those, you’re not the only one, at all. Unfortunately,
whether you approve of it or not, the world is definitely NOT a fair place. And in
many cases, it’s not a nice one either. Some even think that it’s becoming worse as
years go on.

Well, to put it simply, our lives are growing more fast paced and action packed, and
because of that, many of us aren’t able to learn just how to cope with it. After all,
nobody really teaches us HOW to deal with stressors or daily life. In a way, we’re
just left to power through the issues and drama of every day, all on our own.
It doesn’t matter what religion, race, gender, age, or anything that you are. Stress
and anxiety hit all of us, and we all deal with it in different ways.


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