Breathe Relief


Do you believe in good and bad forces in life? Well, I’m sure you do, it’s obvious that
it exists. But what I’m talking about is the concept of “yin and yang” where there’s
light and dark – good and bad to everything.


Breathe Relief

In the same regard, I believe that there also exists good stress and bad stress. As
famous wet oil painter Bob Ross once said “You can’t have a the light without the
dark. You need the light areas to make the dark areas show. Just like in life.

Having said that, I want to go through the elements of stress briefly before we talk
about anything else. For starters, let’s discuss the
good kind of stress, and then
work our way to the other kind.

When you’re thrust into a situation that challenges your potential and your
capabilities, it brings on a certain element of stress. Whether it’s trying something
you’ve never done before, competing in a contest, starting a new business or
venture, or anything else – what you’re having is an experience with the GOOD kind
of stress.

Breathe Relief


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