51 Ways to Overcome Low SelfEsteem and Shyness


We are a society that needs other people. Everyone has
the basic need to give and receive attention from others.
As you acknowledge this you can start to understand
yourself. A great way to start is by
giving attention to
those around you.


51 Ways to Overcome Low SelfEsteem and Shyness

We all need meaning and purpose in our lives. Think about your own. Are you a student? A mom? A dad? A son? A daughter? A co-worker? Whoever you are, as you acknowledge your purpose get excited about it.

We all need to feel connected to others. As you look at your life, ask yourself who you’re connected to. Here’s a partial list to help you get an idea:

We all have need for creativity in our lives. If we do exactly the same things every day, our lives will get boring, and it can lead to depression. Make sure you frequently add something creative, even if it’s small, into your daily routine.

51 Ways to Overcome Low SelfEsteem and Shyness


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