5 Quick Time Management Techniques


Most people seem to believe there aren’t enough hours in the
day. They spend hours and hours at what they believe is work,
but more than likely the majority of their day was spent in
meaningless tasks that make them look busy without really
accomplishing much.


5 Quick Time Management Techniques

Maybe you think you are pretty efficient at work, but I bet if you
take the time to think about what you do in a day, or even log
your time, you will notice times when you are spending your
precious time on tasks that aren’t really crucial or even

For example, how many times per day do you check email? How
many times do you visit a forum or YouTube while you’re
working? How many times do you stop to chat with a coworker
about something that isn’t work related, even for five minutes?
Most people would be shocked if they logged their time carefully
each day.

Studies have shown that in an eight hour day, most people get
only 2-4 hours or true productivity in. If you could increase that
to six or seven, imagine how much more you could get done?
We’re going to look at five quick and simple things you can do to
manage your time better and get more done. I’m only going to
go over the easiest techniques I know of to implement so you
can get started right away.

5 Quick Time Management Techniques


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